When I am working on a manuscript for a new book, I always wonder if this is really God’s plan for me, or if I write because it is my plan for me. I like to play with words, I have all these ideas. Surely they need to be put into print. Writing lets me express myself. My, My, Me. . And always the question of how worthy am I to write anything about the Godly life? My post this week stems from a new book I am using and the thoughts I am having this week about a new manuscript. Please pray with me and for me. Thank you


Recently, I finished a 10-week course with our local congregation, and as a closing gift we were given a little book entitled THE NAMES OF GOD, by George W. Knight, published by Barbour. Our leader suggested choosing a name of God from this long list of references as part of our daily devotion. Yesterday my point of reflection was ABBA FATHER. Easy for me, as my image of Father is good.  My earthly father was a good man and my memories are positive and pleasant. Yesterday, I was encouraged. I thought of this approach to God several times during my day.

However, today my name listed JUDGE OF ALL THE EARTH (Genesis 18:25). The scene here is the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Surely God would not destroy the good people. My day has started rather early and it is now 10:00 a.m.  Already I have reflected on this name and situation several times. He is judge of all the earth, and I am asking how HE is contemplating our situations today? Much like Abraham of old, I am thinking, “Surely God would not destroy the good people?” and, Lord, many good people are still here in our world.  And how my mind does wander!

I am one of those good people, aren’t I? See how I enjoy my blessed life; appreciate my country, witness my Christian faith. It is those other people, in those other places, living those other life styles of sin and destruction in “all of the earth” that he is Judging. Surely not my family and my friends and my environment.

However, as my thoughts were on the name of God as Judge of all the Earth, I realize He certainly is judging me! I pray I may be judged worthy in His eyes. It will be interesting to discover the name of God for my meditation tomorrow. I may share it with my reader in the future.

And I thank our pastor, Robert Megill for sharing this book with me.