Writing a book is a struggle.  Not only do I struggle with finding the perfect word or phrase, but in this book, I am also struggling with becoming a bit more personal than in my previous writing. My thought for the next few months is to share this struggle and some victories (I hope). Each Monday I intend to post my journey in writing THREAD OF LOVE (Things Your Mother Never Told You).  Title is up for change, but that is it for now. I hope you will comment as we go on this path together. So that’s my plan!


Eighty-two years of life, sixty-four years of marriage, two children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren give a person many stories to tell.  My idea is not to tell stories but to share my experiences in such a way that someone else may learn or gain from my years on this earth. I am aware that because God has been an integral part of my life most of my experiences will be wisdom from God.   And God is Love and the thread of God’s love ties all worthwhile wisdom together. THREAD OF LOVE is an instruction book, not a memoir.


MONDAY COMMENTS: I am still struggling with title. This intro is basically an explanation for book. What do you think?  Do you want to read this book. I intend audience to be young women age 20-40, married or planning marriage.