Browsing through some articles I have written and found this from June 1, 2006. Isn't it interesting that the preacher's statement in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun" is so true? I am still writing about prayer. I have been writing recently about the comment "I never say amen." Isn't this the same thought with different words? I have deleted some of the post and changed my age reference from 69 to 74 to 81. (Smile) Obviously about every six or seven years I feel the need to share. Just felt this is worth sharing again.

The longer I live the more I pray. It would seem you would get better at it as time goes on,but in my case I just realize each day how much I need God's help for anything I do. The "pray without ceasing" admonition has become my motto.

God is so good to me that I must spend so much time just thanking Him for the blessings of the day. Then someone gets sick, and I must go to Him for peace and healing. Before I realize it, someone in the church is in trouble spiritually or physically or mentally, and I need to talk to God about them because who else can we turn to.

So on and on it goes and the day is over and it is time for rest and he gives it to me every night.There is a saying someplace about "giving your cares to God before you sleep because He is going to be up anyway" :-) And I do try to do that. Once I go to bed I usually have very little trouble sleeping.

I do try to keep my lines to God open by continuous prayer...I can see His hand in all my life from the smallest of details in the day to the overall of the 81 years I have lived.I would encourage you to go to His Word and then to prayer

My prayer for today is that you who read this might be uplifted and encouraged to talk to God and never say amen. Clella